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Iphone4s and bling iPhone cases for iPhone4 are not universal

On October 4th of 2011, the much anticipated autumn news conference of Apple products came at the appointed time. However, because of the sudden departure of Jobs, we did not see that once familiar figure. The sentence of Tim•Cook “I'm sorry, there is no iPhone 5” thoroughly broke people’s conjecture of iphone5.

Although we haven’t waited the coming of iPhone 5, iPhone 4S let fans feel excited. Many fans bought iPhone 4S at the first time, the next step for them to do is buying accessories for the beloved phone. At this time, people found that most of the bling iphone cases for iphone4 on the market are not available for iPhone 4S. Through the evaluation and contrast, we found that the reason is the pressing button on the left of machine body. The mute paddles and two volume keys of iPhone4S are moved down slightly, that is to say, the previous bling iPhone cases for iPhone4 need to be re designed to be used in iPhone 4S perfectly.

Although the difference is very small, the reality is that we have to make our iPhone 4S streaked. While as we all know, the back of iPhone 4S adopts the same material with the previous generation that gets scratched and other problems easily. And if you drop it on the ground accidentally, the glass surface is likely to be broken which may make people creepy during use. Fortunately, the powerful manufacturers for iPhone accessories do not make us wait for a long time, some brands have launched bling iphone cases for iPhone 4S. Today the author recommends several bling iphone cases for iPhone 4S which are personalized and fashionable and have extremely strong protective function. I believe that there is one that suitable for you.

The piano protective shell for iphone

I believe that after buying iPhone 4S, many people use it to see some HD movies, but people will inevitably get pains in the arm when they see films lying in the bed and holding a mobile phone. The black shell piano protective shell for iPhone the author will recommend can help people solve this problem. The protective shell is full of personality whether from the design or the workmanship.

TDS JACKET leather sheath

Compared with the simple rear shell, the leather sheath can protect the mobile phone body at full range. At the same time, the leather material can display the grade of the sheath of mobile phone. The black shell TDS JACKET leather sheath is the excellent one of them.

The ultra-thin metallic material, aluminum alloy shell

From the material, the solid degree of metal material is higher than other materials, so there are a lot of protective shells bling iphone cases made of metal material for iPhone 4S on the market. The GUGUMEIMEI aluminum alloy shell is a classic product. It is excellent whether from material or process which ushered in the high popularity.

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The recommended classical household level DV of the market

Comprehensive coverage of function, HF M60 Canon

Canon HF M60 carries DIGIC DV III image processor. It owns best camcorder with 2070000 effective pixels. It also carries plot generator, filming effect lens, touching decoration and other rich creative function, which has rich function and superior imaging. The best budget HD camcorder is suitable for majority of home users to choose.

Points of view:

Canon HF M60 carries wise Auto shooting mode which can identify 38 kinds of scene and intelligent optical image stabilization system (IS). We can choose the suitable anti shake mode and scenario mode wisely according to the different shooting conditions to record clear and stable image with high quality. It can also make the shooting handier to control focusing, tracking and exposure through touching LCD. At the same time, this machine also has wireless transferring capability which makes the share more convenient without hindrance.

Functional upgrading can be said to be classic, Canon R48 best camcorder

Canon R48 best camcorder is a household new DV which has 2070000 effective pixel. It carries DIGIC DV 4 high speed image processor and built-in five axis anti shake function which can make the picture smooth and clear. Such upgrade of professional performance will bring more professional experience to the shooting.

Point of view:

The fully upgraded Canon HF R48 is also very suitable for the babies. The built-in “baby mode” can bring easier and more convenient experience when take photos of babies. People who are interested in this best budget HD camcorder can pay attention to it.

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How to clean the stuffed toys

There are two ways to clean the stuffed toys: washing and dry cleaning
The first kind, add the detergent water to the basin, add a certain proportion of water and stir with bold, make it pop up rich foam, then stained with foam with brush to brush the surface of plush toys, pay attention to the washing liquid can't too much water configuration, the hair brush to brush the plush toys wrapped in a towel, extrusion in a big basin full of water and then placed in the birdbath adding suitable amount of softener soak a few minutes, will clean the plush toy is still wrapped in bath towel, into the washing machine dehydration, dehydration after after plastic comb and plush toys in ventilated place for drying.

The second kind: Find out the filling interface of the plush toys, open, remove filler, special parts can be not taken (better keep appearance), with duct tape afraid of wear accessory parts with the toy skin soft washing in the washing machine, dryer, dry hanging the shade, and intermittent pat toy, make its fur, fluffy and soft filling. Then put the stuffing in the toy in the epidermis, integer, suture. Gently down the plush to comb with the comb and then finalize the design.
Dry cleaning:
Buy a bag of salt, the salt and washing plush toys put in a plastic bag, then grab the mouth sealing system, its formation forcibly shake bag, after a period of time you will find that the plush toys clean, it is because salt adsorption on dirt, is actually the adsorption effect of sodium chloride on dirt, without coarse salt, of course, can also use baking soda, method is the same. you will find that the used salt is darkened.
You can consider the forgoing ways comprehensively, and the not-easy-to-unpack toys can use dry cleaning, and the easy-to-unpack toys should use washing.

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how to buy accessories

How to buy accessories for mobile phone

As mobile phones become the daily necessities of life , the mobile phone accessories are also get popular among the consumers. Then how to buy accessories?
Mobile film
Mobile phone screen can be said to the mobile face . The maintain-ment of this face need the careful care and the mask. The mobile film is its mask which can protect the screen from wearing.
Now the most popular films are HD film and matte film , both have advantages and disadvantages. It is understood that the advantages of high-definition film is crystal clear , you can restore the true colors of the phone screen. The disadvantage is easily stained fingerprints , and easy to wear. The advantage oft the matte film is not easily wore and stained fingerprints , the disadvantage is that poor phone screen image restoration .

Mobile Shell
The big difference of cover and masks is that - to a certain extent, the mask can prevent scratches, while the cover can effectively avoid the collision knock or fall injuries. From the material point , cell phone cover can be divided into plastic, metal and leather ; from the color of the phone cover it can be divided into colorful, orange, yellow, everything.

Phone memory card

Compared with mobile phone film , mobile phone cover and mobile phone chain, mobile phone memory card does not look like accessories. For a variety of mobile phones, mobile phone memory card is already an integral part of the mobile phone.
According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into TF card , RS-MMC card , miniSD card , MS card , SD card , MMC card and so on. However , the most common memory card is SD card; according to the capacity, it ranges from 256M to 64G. The main function of the memory card is store data , and thus the greater the capacity, the more popular among the consumers.

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List of toys for kids

next is the recommended List of toys for kids
1 , puzzles, play dough, stickers, color books, color pen, finger painting utensils, cardboard blackboard, musical instruments, all kinds of animal figures plush toys, toys tableware, furniture, toys, keg, a small shovel, small funnel , a small watering can and so on.

2, a simple jigsaw puzzle, matching box and fight inserted toys, small building blocks, wholesale toys such as: car , truck , tricycle, ambulance, electric airplanes, cars, track trains, rings and so on.
3 , big ball, small ball , basketball hoop, wooden bench, magnetic letters and numbers, pushpin board, you need to assemble your own toys, a simple card game and a large puzzle , kitchen equipment toys.
4, various pigments used to smear, a simple puzzle game, simple architectural models, old magazines , baskets or containers with lids esophagus , plasticine, activity toys, such as train, truck , working tools and imaginary kitchen supplies, puppets various roles for cuddle toy animals or dolls .
5 , fake pistol : by playing with a toy pistol trigger , exercise hand energy. Started playing hard plastic pistol, you can hook the index finger without too much effort, "pang, pang" sound. To two and a half later, interchangeable play steel pistol with the index finger is very hard to get the hook , "pang, pang " sound . After the two years of age, but also changing play of stainless steel handgun, relatively heavy, before started at a cost of great effort pulled the bolt by hand before you can hook a finger rin .

now have you learned from the List of toys for kids?

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